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Well, i made it!
Degree show works are all assembled, and have been standing for a few weeks now, so i guess they’re stable..

Also, i finally got myself into the dot-com portfolio game:


or click the image.

UCLAN Fine Art Degree Show opens at 5.30 TOMORROW (Friday, 10th June) and runs for an entire week after that. But if you want to come gaze at my beaming smile, or invest in my future, it’d be swell if you made it to the opening.


“For Dimensionalies.”

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"For Dimensionalies."

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And so, i guess i made it to the end of another year of education!

This year has been pretty great, the sheer amount of weight from my shoulders from returning home for a year has made ALL the difference to me. Not to mention, the benefits of getting a student loan whilst being home are pretty awesome too.

Those factors, plus having a bunch of great, and trusting tutors has given me a *shitload* of freedom creatively, which i reckon i’ve used to good effect, or at least experimented accordingly!

I’ve never been much of a painter, always drawing things, or jamming bits and pieces together, but i got to stretch my painting skills quite significantly this year, not to mention printmaking and sculpture techniques. All of which i’m really jazzed about, because now that Summer’s here, i can get on with some of my own work (and actuallly have the time and energy to upload images on blog posts!)

So yeah, without further rambling. There’s a bunch of new images from my Degree Show, which was last Monday. Both Installation, and separate piece photographs, so you can sort of see how the puzzle/shack was put together. Just click through, and get onto my photostream! Apologies if you see anything that you might’ve thrown into a skip recently ^_^

Four Dimensionalism.

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This week, (despite the continued efforts of others) has not been so bad!

I got quite a bit of work completed, television was highly enjoyable, and i’ve upped my Guitar Hero skills to Expert guitar, and a solid medium at drums. Good stuff!

Handful of new images on my Flickr, from around my Uni space / home studio, mostly just progression shots of my installation piece being thrown together.

Of some note, is my renewed love of scavenging, and if you take a moment to look at my pictures, you’ll notice an ever increasing amount of scrap wood. I’m not sure what it is about seeing a stray pile of junk wood and needing to grab half of it, but it’s certainly a small lift to my days when i come across a piece that’s all natural.
None of this plastic covered/treated/chip board crap, just solid wood with grooves and impurities and the grain. Yum!

I’m still 2 weeks away from getting Uni reviewed for this module, but already i’m looking forward to the next stretch of work that’ll need doing. Also, i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be heavily influenced by general thoughts on Time Travel, and 4 Dimensionalism. Very exciting time to be me!