“For Dimensionalies.”

"For Dimensionalies."

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And so, i guess i made it to the end of another year of education!

This year has been pretty great, the sheer amount of weight from my shoulders from returning home for a year has made ALL the difference to me. Not to mention, the benefits of getting a student loan whilst being home are pretty awesome too.

Those factors, plus having a bunch of great, and trusting tutors has given me a *shitload* of freedom creatively, which i reckon i’ve used to good effect, or at least experimented accordingly!

I’ve never been much of a painter, always drawing things, or jamming bits and pieces together, but i got to stretch my painting skills quite significantly this year, not to mention printmaking and sculpture techniques. All of which i’m really jazzed about, because now that Summer’s here, i can get on with some of my own work (and actuallly have the time and energy to upload images on blog posts!)

So yeah, without further rambling. There’s a bunch of new images from my Degree Show, which was last Monday. Both Installation, and separate piece photographs, so you can sort of see how the puzzle/shack was put together. Just click through, and get onto my photostream! Apologies if you see anything that you might’ve thrown into a skip recently ^_^


~ by AllOfUsAreLost on June 18, 2009.

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